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Many people know that oat flakes are a great energy source due to the carbs that they contain. You may have heard a rumor that because of its high carb content, oatmeal is not that healthy for you and makes you gain weight.

Some dietary recommendations suggest that you avoid including this food product in your diet. How did this food product that has always been considered as healthy, suddenly become bad for you? Let’s explore this issue.

All carbs are usually divided into two groups: simple carbs ( called “bad” carbs) and complex carbs (the good ones).

The simple carbs include sugar, sugar-containing foods and white wheat products. These foods provide considerable energy for the human body. However, they are useless because they don’t contain any vitamins and minerals. Increasing sugar levels also increase your appetite and induce the release of hormones that are responsible for accumulating fat tissues. The share of simple, “bad”, carbs should be not more than 10% of your diet.

The next group includes the complex carbs. Complex carbs consist of many simple carbs, so you need much more time to digest and absorb them. What is their difference from simple carbs? After eating foods containing complex carbs, a person feels full longer and their body has a stable and sustained supply of energy. These carbs don’t let your sugar level jump too high. This group includes cereals, groats and all products that are made using them.

Traditional oat flakes are a perfect example of a complex carb food. They also contain B, H, PP and E vitamins and minerals (including magnesium, potassium, phosphorus, zinc, iron, cuprum, manganese, cobalt and others).

The research on the subject proves that diet that includes sufficient amount of complex carbs provides protection from cardiovascular diseases, hypertonia, anemia and even some types of cancer. However, if a person refuses to eat any carbs, it will inevitably lead to performance impairment and apathy. At the same time, the most important proteins get destroyed and your body gets poisoned by the products of protein and fat metabolism.

This is why every person who cares about their health, whatever their age, has to eat foods that are high in complex carbs on a daily basis. The recommended daily carbs for women is 170-180 g of complex carbs and no more than 30-40 g of simple carbs. For men it is 250-270 g of complex carbs and no more than 50-60 g of simple carbs. It’s important to remember that the more physically active a person is, the more high- complex carb foods he should eat.