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Everyone knows that fiber is an important part of our diet. If your diet contains a large amount of food fiber, it is the right one.

Let’s see how food fiber can help our bodies, what kinds of products are rich in fiber and how much fiber you need every day.

Food fiber is a part of plant-derived foods. Our bodies are unable to absorb or digest it. Nevertheless, fiber is very important for our health and well-being. What is so special about this magical fiber, you ask?

1. Fiber helps in normalizing the work of your digestive system and improves intestinal motility, thus contributing to regular body purgation. This is why it is especially important for people with digestive disorders to eat sufficient amounts of fiber.

2. If an individual’s diet includes high levels of cholesterol and unwholesome carbs, fiber acts like a natural purgative and removes the excess of those substances from your body. Thus, fiber prevents the accumulation of extra weight and risk of diabetes mellitus type II, as well as cardiovascular diseases.

3. Fiber not only removes toxins and waste materials from your body, but also cancer-causing substances. Including fiber in your diet will help you to maintain your health and well-being and protect you from cardiovascular diseases, cancer and allergies.

4. Food fiber increases the sense of fullness. In other words, you can eat less and get the feeling of fullness sooner and get hungry later than usual. With so many people now trying to keep their weight under control, food fiber plays an important role in every person’s diet.

5. Fiber keeps the amount of beneficial microflora in your body at normal levels since this is what this microflora consumes. People who eat fiber on a daily basis never suffer from dysbacteriosis.

6. Our bodies’ beneficial microflora produces B vitamins, and fiber is a natural helper in that process.

In order to make your body work properly, you need to eat 20-30 g of fiber per day. If you are on a weight reducing diet, you can increase this amount to 35-45 g per day. It’s necessary to fight the feeling of hunger without adding calories to your everyday diet, as well as for fast and efficient body purgation.