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It’s no longer a secret that high cholesterol levels pose a threat to your health.

Increased cholesterol levels in your blood lead to the formation of blood clots and blocks organ and tissue nutrition. The most dangerous impacts caused by increased cholesterol levels are brain hemorrhages and heart attacks, when acute disorders of brain and heart muscle nutrition take place. A person may not know anything about cholesterol in his blood for a while. As a rule, this condition just doesn’t manifest itself in any way. This is why it’s so important to have regular blood tests to control your cholesterol levels. Normal cholesterol levels may vary depending on gender, age or even the lab that does the test. However, a value of 6,2 mmol/L is the generally accepted standard. Part of the cholesterol enters your body with food through fats of animal origin and some of it is produced within your body. The role of cholesterol isn’t just to inflict damage. It has a number of important functions: it’s included in cell membranes protecting your cells from harmful substances and ensuring their stability. It also takes part in the production of reproductive hormones and fat-soluble vitamin absorption. When its value is normal, cholesterol is harmless.

What can you do if your cholesterol level is high? Your doctor should be the one who determines the general treatment course. However, you can help your body to fight this problem. Oat cereal is one of the best food products to help keep cholesterol levels balanced. Thanks to the fact it’s so rich in fiber, oat cereal blocks the absorption of excess cholesterol from food and removes it from your body. Oat cereal provides those “good” carbs that don’t let your insulin level get too high and, no matter how surprising it sounds, it also protects you from excess cholesterol because high insulin levels make your body produce more cholesterol. Beta-glucan, the special substance contained in oat flakes, also helps in optimizing your cholesterol level. When it gets into your digestive system it forms a gel-like compound around cholesterol molecules, slows down its absorption and removes excess cholesterol from your body.

To make your cholesterol level stabilization effect really show, it’s important to include oat flakes in your daily diet. In this case, it’s better to cook them with water, adding some low-fat milk and a teaspoon of vegetable oil (pumpkin seed oil or walnut oil are fine).

But if your cholesterol level is OK, that’s great! In this case, oat flakes will help you to keep it in balance. After all, preventive measures are better than treatment!