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What is really important for your child’s comprehensive development? First of all, it’s, of course, a healthy diet! Proper nutrition is the basis of a child’s strong physical health. As you know, good habits are formed during the childhood period. Their first exposure to adult food is very important for a baby. Wouldn’t it be great if at this stage, your child gets introduced to healthy food and not to fast food?

To help your child’s body develop properly, you need to make sure that he gets all of the microelements he needs from his food. Groats contain many vitamins and microelements.

Buckwheat cereal is a perfect product for your baby’s first supplementary meals. This kind of cereal is a leader when it comes to the easy absorption of all the microelements it contains. It’s absolutely non-allergenic. Scientific research shows that buckwheat cereal contains more iron than any other kind of cereal. That is why it’s absolutely required for childhood nutrition if your child is susceptible to baby anemia. As an iron-rich product, buckwheat helps to normalize a child’s hemoglobin level and helps the proper development and strengthening of the nervous system.

It is necessary to get your child used to having buckwheat cereal for breakfast. If you succeed in helping your child to develop this kind of healthy habit so that your child really likes it — you can be sure that you’ve taken the first step in teaching your kid to love healthy and wholesome food. He will definitely keep this habit when he gets older.

What can you cook for your child in addition to cereal?

Buckwheat cereal doesn’t have to be your only option if you want your child to get all the healthy nutrients. After all, you get bored with it when you eat the same meal every day. If you use buckwheat flour by Kudesnitsa trademark, you can cook a variety of nice meals, such as buckwheat pancakes and fritters, croquettes or buckwheat pasta.

Have you ever tried to bake buckwheat cookies? They are just amazing. They are very tender with a nice delicate buckwheat aroma, incredibly wholesome and delicious. Your child will love it! It’s very easy to cook. Mix a package of butter with 400 g of flour (it’s better to have a 50/50 wheat and buckwheat flour mixture). Add a couple of eggs, a little bit of honey, baking soda and vanilla. Knead your cookie dough thoroughly, roll it up into small balls and place them on a baking sheet. Put it into the oven and heat to 180 ̊C-190 C for 20 minutes. That’s it, your cookies are ready! Your child will be happy to eat them both at home and as a part of his school lunch. You will be sure that your child eats healthy.

Buckwheat contains complex carbs that are absorbed and used slowly giving the child’s body a stable source of energy. It’s very important for active children who spend a lot of time exploring the world around them!