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Children definitely need much more energy than adults. They are not only more active than we are but also need to compensate for the energy that their bodies spend on growth. That is why parents must choose the right source of nutritious energy for their children.

A child’s diet must not only meet his energy demand. It must also include the vitamins and minerals that a young body requires.

Oat cereal is a great source of energy, vitamins and minerals. And what’s really important, in this case, your child receives all of their nutrients from a natural source.

Oat flakes contain complex carbs, which means that their digestion and absorption happens slowly. As a result, your child will not feel hungry after eating his oat cereal meal. Oats also contain food fiber which stimulates the digestive system and controls the natural purgation.

The vegetable proteins that the oat cereal contains are necessary for a growing body because they are the building material for all of its cells and tissues.

B vitamins that are contained in oat flakes play an important role in metabolic processes. They help in cell division and tissue renewal. These vitamins are essential for a child’s development and growth. Another special feature of the B vitamins is their participation in the work of the nervous system and brain. They protect your nervous system from becoming overstressed, which helps with the harmonious maturation and intellectual development of a child.

Vitamin E in oat cereal takes part, without any exaggeration, in all of the body’s processes. Its importance for metabolic processes is especially significant for children. It helps their bodies to absorb proteins and vitamins A and D. It also has a cosmetic effect making all kinds of wounds and scratches heal faster, moisturizes skin and prevents dermal irritation.

Minerals contained in oat flakes are also very important for a child’s health. Iron helps the organs and tissue nutrition and prevents anemia. Magnesium protects the nervous system from overstressing and takes part in heart muscle nutrition. Calcium is necessary for healthy teeth and bones, which is especially important for a child’s body.

But whatever we say about wholesomeness, it just wouldn’t matter if your child doesn’t like the way it tastes. So it is also very important to make their oat cereal meal not only healthy, but also delicious. The Yasno Solnyshko product line includes excellent options that will catch any child’s fancy, no matter how fastidious they are. Thanks to the addition of dried fruit pieces, our oat cereals have an amazing flavor and aroma. The wide range of our products will make your child’s breakfast not only healthy, but also varied.

Remember that oat flakes No. 3 is perfect for children. They have a fine and tender texture, it takes only 3 minutes to cook them and they are good for a child’s digestive system.