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No one who leads a healthy lifestyle goes without groats. Cereals are the basis for healthy eating. They call it bread’s ancestor because people learned to eat cereals before they learned to bake bread. Let’s talk about the basic kinds of groats. What are their special benefits?

Manna croup

Manna croup is made by milling the wheat grain. It gets digested only at the end of the digestive tract and, as it moves through your intestines unchanged, cleans it thoroughly from mucus and waste products. It’s recommended for everyone who experiences digestive system disorders. In addition to improving the way your digestive tract functions, manna cereal also strengthens your bones. It’s made possible due to a large amount of proteins that are easily absorbed by your body. However, it is important to remember that if a nutrition specialist advised you to include manna cereal in your diet, you have to cook it with water and not with milk.

Manna croup is high in vitamins B and E, potassium, phosphorus, iron, zinc and sodium. It contains 30% starch and thanks to this fact, it doesn’t take long to cook and is quite rich. It’s very good for adults, and they especially recommend it for elderly people during rehabilitation periods after injuries and surgeries. It supports your body gently and delicately and helps your bone system to renew and gives the patient strength in case of exhaustion.

Buckwheat cereal

It’s probably the queen of cereals. You can find buckwheat in the form of peeled groats, crushed grain and flakes. All of these different forms are healthy. The difference lies in the time of cooking. Peeled groats take 30-40 minutes to cook, crushed grain 20 minutes and flakes take 20 minutes.
Buckwheat is truly a unique product. There’s a reason why information on its healthy properties dates back many centuries. Its high iron and protein content made it well known as an excellent substitute for meat. Buckwheat also contains calcium, phosphorus, vitamin P, B vitamins and apple and lemon acid. The rich mineral composition of the products will let you improve and maintain your health.
Buckwheat’s difference from other cereals is that, despite its high nutritional value, it doesn’t contain many carbs. This makes buckwheat a great dietary product.

Buckwheat is the main food product in a diabetic’s diet because it makes your sugar level go down. In the case of iron deficiency, it’s irreplaceable. A large amount of easily absorbed iron helps to renew the blood and normalize hemoglobin levels. It’s really one of the best natural medicines.

They often use buckwheat in combination with kefir for dietary nutrition. Using buckwheat flakes with the Yasno Solnyshko trademark, you can cook this type of meal within two minutes and be sure that the flakes are made of the choice buckwheat groats that haven’t been treated with any kind of chemicals. When you are on a diet, cocktails with a little bit of buckwheat flour may be effective. Just add some kefir to half a glass of buckwheat flour and leave it to infuse for 2-3 hours (or overnight).

Buckwheat is great with milk, butter, cream and roasted mushrooms. This is why, for your convenience, we produce many kinds of cereals, such as buckwheat cereal with milk and buckwheat cereal with mushrooms and fried onions. These are instant cereals that are just perfect to use during a busy working day!