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Multi-grain and flour mixes

At constantly increasing market competitiveness, to survive and succeed, any enterprise should be the most effective, flexible, timely and adequately respond to the changing external environment. This objectively requires each company to develop and find its own development path in accordance with market requirements.

Increasing the productivity and cost reduction, diversification of high quality products through introduction of modern technologies and improving work organization is the right strategy of development of a modern company.

Regarding the baking industry, the usage of multi-grain and flour baking mixes is very important on this path.  Maria Chistova, Ph.D., an expert in
development of new products of Petersburg Mill Plant, will explain this.

Maria, for how long have baking mixes been on market of the baking and confectionery industry?
According to some data, baking mixes were widely used before the
World War II in the United States and Canada, in Europe in the 50s of the last century. In our
country, this field is only developing and most of the baking mixes presented on the Russian market are imported.

What is the purpose of baking mixes?

Today’s bakery industry is a dynamic and constantly evolving system. The concept of development of food and processing industry in Russia for the period till 2020 has formulated
an innovative type of development of the baking industry, which aims to improve and expand the range of products at lower unit costs of all types of resources. At that, the diversification is made by increasing products of functional and dietary purpose, with a high nutritional value and enriched with necessary and essential nutrients. Our country experiences a clear shortage of functional products today.

The dietary products should be produced in the amount of at least 1-1.5 million tons per year, while according to Rosstat, only 42-44 thousands tons are made today, that is extremely low. Moreover, different population groups need different products: for diet, child nutrition, prevention and treatment of various diseases, special products in environmentally disadvantaged areas. To solve these problems, baking mixes, containing natural vegetable raw materials are the best option, allowing making a wide range of baked goods in an accelerated manner, which is important for large bakeries, as well as small and medium-sized businesses. Properly selected components and their optimum ratio in selected food criteria in baking mixes allow effortlessly diversifying the product line and quickly bring cost-effective high-quality healthy products to the market.

What are the competitive advantages of PMP mixes?
Firstly, we offer mixes of our own production made from domestic raw materials, so their cost is significantly cheaper than imported analogs. Secondly, we can develop mixes in accordance with an individual order of a specific client, based the specificity of his production. Thirdly, PJSC Petersburg Mill Plant is a Russian production company, and therefore, the product embargo can affect it the least, the logistics system is simplified, no customs problems with deliveries as in case with imported mixes.

We produce a wide range of mixes based on cereals and groats, in the form of various types of cereals and legumes flour, with cereals, grain products, oilseeds and by-products.
At the moment, our specialists are developing a product line with products of processing fruits and vegetables:
various berries, potatoes, tomatoes, carrots, beets,
herbs - milk thistle, amaranth seeds and other ingredients.

Our mixes allow making tasty and healthy products with high nutritional value with the content of dietary fiber omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins and minerals.

How can baking companies be confident in the high quality of your products?

The international quality standard FSSC 22000 certificate confirms that.

What are the latest products in the line of PMP baking mixes? What are their characteristics?

From among the latest products developed by our experts, I would like to mention the so-called anti-crisis mixes product line. In modern economic conditions of growing prices for raw materials, when companies are forced to cut costs, the use of such mixes is very profitable. At their attractive prices, we have preserved advantages inherent in all our products. The result is a range of functional baked goods with a high nutritional value, providing a beneficial effect on health.

Due to the excellent rheological properties of our semi-finished products, there are no difficulties at setting up the equipment, cutting and forming stage in the production process, that allows making bread and baked goods according to one-phase accelerated method.

In the anti-crisis mixes segment, we present now:

Fitnergy mix, based on groats, flakes and bran, for making the original oat bread with a fine pore structure and tender crumb.
Greynmix mix allows making multigrain bread with an airy structure and lots of pumpkin, sunflower, flax seeds and other components.
Corn mix with various corn processing products. The baked from this mix bread has a silky soft crumb sweet taste and a pleasant smell.
Sunflex mix with oilseeds, oat and corn flakes and other ingredients. It is used for baking light porous bread with seeds and cereals.

Your company is called Petersburg Mill Plant. But your area of sales of ​​baking mixes must not be limited to the Northern capital?

In Russia, geography of sales of Petersburg Mill Plant stretches from Kaliningrad to
Vladivostok; outside the Russian Federation, our products, including multi-grain flour and baking mixes, are presented in the CIS countries, the Baltic States, China, the UAE, South Korea and Israel.

Wherever our potential customer geographically is, they can send a request to our address and order the PMP baking mixes. We will provide samples for test baking and technological support at the stage of introducing mixes into production, if necessary.
We can also offer normative and technical documentation for finished baked goods. Feel free to contact our specialists!