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Bread mixes and frozen bread - what to choose?

This question is relevant for today's bakeries, as the choice directly influences production features, complexity and business profitability. Let's try to identify main benefits of frozen bread and bread from mixes regarding their profitability. Why is making bread from mixes more profitable? First, we should say that the organoleptic properties in both cases are almost the same. Dry seeds and whole grains do not alter their structure and do not lose their properties at freezing. Accordingly, in terms of quality, both these options are good. The natural aroma and taste are preserved, that is important in the production and marketing. But at the same time, the frozen bread has a definite list of restrictions. It does not allow adjusting the product composition, that you will definitely want to do without having to increase the volume of purchases and product diversification. We should also consider the reaction speed – with baking mixes, you can introduce new products on a regular basis, offering a new choice to the customers, experimenting, making baking bread a really creative process! Frozen bread also does not allow working with the shape. Note that the customer is focused mainly on the quality, an original and attractive form serves as an additional incentive to buy a product, which focuses on the production quality and exclusive offers. This is a kind of an effective marketing move. Another advantage is that with mixes you can make baked goods of both different shape and size, which allows offering customers a product with various price positioning and increase the number of your regular customers. Working with mixes is a more creative process, an opportunity to implement new ideas in practice and offer customers an alternative product, which is particularly important in a highly competitive market. Speed or originality? If you, as a manufacturer, need to make baked goods fast and without extra effort, the bread of the part-breaks is an excellent option. But you should also remember that the customer appreciates individuality and strives to choose products that are favorably different from analogues. A bakery is not mass production. This is its specifics and distinguishing feature in comparison with large bakeries. Therefore, we, based on our own experience, recommend starting making bread and baked goods from the PMP mixes. This is an opportunity to offer more relevant and attractive products to effectively regulate the production cost and significantly expand your product line without increasing the budget.