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Private mini-bakery as a profitable startup

Over the past few years, the trend of opening small bakeries, offering original baked goods of own production, has reached a whole new level. Such bakeries are established as separate outlets or as part of large shopping centers. Demand for high-quality eco-friendly products is increasing, which means that business is becoming more profitable too. Mini-bakery as a cost-effective solution for businesses Despite plenty of proposals in this segment, the Russian market does not have a trend of healthy and environmentally friendly food yet. There is a very active introduction of baked goods from the West: baguettes, croutons, various cereals small loafs, etc. The share of the usual tin loaf today is just a little more than 50% of the market. While the level of consumer trust in tin baked goods is as high as ever. The main thing the consumers are interested in is healthy food for them and their families. A bakery is an opportunity to offer customer high quality products that you are 100% confident in. There is another important factor – aroma marketing! The pleasant smell of freshly baked bread becomes a powerful marketing tool and driver of sales. In addition, if a potential buyer sees that the baking process is here and now, the level of trust increases significantly. The business income increases accordingly. How will customers notice you? Competition in the bakery market is high and that's true. However, we should consider two factors: Large factories are mainly focused on bread making, while other baked goods are pushed into the background. That is, the wide assortment of a bakery, even as a less volume, is an opportunity to compete effectively in the adjacent market segment. Such products are relevant for the consumer as there is not much choice. Bakeries in shopping centers and supermarkets are more focused on spontaneous purchases, that are known to be the major source of income. Beautiful look, pleasant smell, still warm bread and other baked goods from the stove provoke making purchases, people did not initially plan. Moreover, finished products can be sold not only locally, but also at universities, schools, district shops, etc. Even a slight expansion of sales geography allows significantly increasing the revenue and expanding production in the future.