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Bread making became expensive? Use baking mixes!

Bread making is an honorable, but not always gratifying job. A bakery manager should solve plenty issues at once: of technical, organizational and economic nature. Growing prices for raw material, repair and maintenance, compliance with delivery schedule, returns from trade networks and all this topped by the consumer, who needs tasty and healthy bread, preferably not too expensive. How to simplify the daily baker’s work and make it more convenient? A great solution is offered by the technologists of the Petersburg Mill Plant OJSC (PMP), one of the leading manufactures of the ALADUSHKIN Group food holding. For many years, Petersburg Mill Plant has been producing baking mixes, successfully used at large and small bakeries all across Russia. But at the recent trade fair Modern Bakery Moscow 2015, this manufacturer from the Neva banks has pleasantly surprised bakers with interesting and profitable innovations. The reason is that baking mixes from the new product line are based on domestic raw materials and raw materials of the PMP own production, therefore their cost is significantly lower than of imported analogues. In the current economic situation, when everything is growing in price and companies are concerned about comprehensive cost reduction, it is a quite convincing argument. But not the only one. The use of PMP baking mixes, based on the special flour and additional components, allows significantly speeding up and simplifying the bread making process. Here are the advantages of new PMP baking mixes: bread making process takes less time than with a usual flour (just 1.5-2 hours with an one-phase accelerated method). There is no need to buy and store large amounts of various ingredients at the company. This allows optimizing the storage space. Search, selection and dosing of ingredients are excluded from the production cycle, as the mixtures contain them already in right proportions. This also allows saving precious time. The net cost of finished products is reduced due to lower prices of mixes (compared to import analogues). Simplified work of bakery staff. Mixes made from flour of different crops including seeds, bran, cereal and other ingredients allow making more than 50 different baked goods. It also allows bringing new products to the market fast. The consumer gets tasty and healthy products with a high nutritional value (containing fiber, omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins and minerals). The PMP specialists, presenting their products at the exhibition stand, have noted active interest of bakers in baking mixes made in Russia and a will to start working with them. According to top managers of bakeries, that we negotiated with at Modern Bakery Moscow, new PMP mixes are one of the most interesting proposals on today's market of ingredients. The product range includes seven types of concentrated mixes: (for making oatmeal bread) and contains oat, oatmeal, oat bran and other ingredients. Oats is one of the most useful cereals: it contains dietary fiber, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus and vitamins. The harmonious combination of all oats derivatives allows making low-fat healthy finely porous bread with a soft crumb. Borodinskaya (for making traditional custard bread according to the accelerated technology) contains rye malt, dry wheat gluten, sugar and other ingredients. This mix is good for bakery, confectionery, rusks and culinary products. The rye malt in the composition gives the bread a unique taste, color and aroma of the “real custard bread”. The low dosage of this baking mix gives the bread a classic taste and look without increasing the cost of the finished product. Grainmix (for multigrain bread) contains oilseeds, wheat bran, flakes and other ingredients. Wheat, rye, oats, barley are also included in various forms. Plenty of pumpkin, sunflower and flax seeds give the bread the original taste. Corn (for corn bread) contains wheat flour, corn products, oilseeds and other ingredients. Bread baked from this mix has an unusual light golden color, pleasant sweet taste and smell, silky texture and tender crumb. Mariolle for original rye-wheat bread combines malted rye flakes and rye malt, giving it a nice malty taste and aroma. The sunflower seeds in the composition give the bread a unique taste. The thick leaven at dough making will also give it a nice acidity. Sanflex (for multigrain bread) contains oilseeds, oat, corn flakes and other ingredients. It is used for baking white bread with a light porous structure with seeds and cereals Ce Bar (for barley bread) is a unique product containing more than of 50% barley in various forms: flour, cereals and malt. The mixture is enriched with honey granules and peanut flour harmonizing with the sweet taste of barley and giving a nice shade to the crumb. The bread is baked with one-phase method, while minimum ingredients (according to the recommended recipes) simplifies the baking process. According to PMP specialists, the most promising are multigrain mixes and the mix for baking Borodino bread, because it is the sorts of bread made of them, that are very popular among consumers. If you want to try new PMP baking mixes in practice, just leave a request. We will provide you with samples of baking mixes for test production and our experts will provide qualified technological support at the stages of both introduction into production and making. The mixes come with supporting documents. We can also provide you with normative and technical documentation for baked goods made from them. Together, we will achieve an excellent result!